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STaMP NGO was founded by Ms. Vrisha Vyas (16 yrs.) and Ms. Hinal Jajal (17 yrs.) while studying in Std. 11th. of Mumbai based Singapore International School, with an aim to create awareness among females to maintain cleanliness during menstruation and eradicating superstition, taboos and misunderstandings prevailing in the Society about their menstruation days.

A project to be done under CAS (Creativity Activity Service) included in the school curriculum has taken the form of an NGO. While doing research about this project, we realized that especially in various rural areas of the country, even till date regarding this subject, there is no proper understanding neither are appropriate resources available. Even today, during their menstruation, large numbers of rural women use mud, cow dung, leaves, paper, plastic, rags etc., which are harmful to their health. We decided to not only give education about this subject but also provide adequate resources to enable proper implementation of the knowledge provided by us. For this, we decided to impart understanding to young girls regarding the cleanliness of body and mind during menstruation and provide suitable blood absorbent item like sanitary pads in enough quantity as to remain available and enable a distribution system for a price that is affordable to all.

After knowing that from environment point of view, sanitary pads are highly damaging as naturally, each sanitary pad takes 500 to 800 years to get fully destroyed, we decided to establish an arrangement for their safe disposal and destruction.

Not limiting the above thought process to be just a one-time experiment but to keep it running on a permanent basis such that it remains beneficial to the society and to make the entire project financially viable, led to the birth of Swachh Tan Man Paryavaran Charitable Trust (STaMP NGO) .

While awareness programmes regarding periods and related hygiene have increased over the past few years, what makes STaMP NGO different is its design and objective. In every institute we go personally and provide knowledge about menstruation through an audio visual interactive presentation made by us and install Pad Vending machine, free of cost, to make available good quality sanitary pads each for Rs. 2/- only, for a period as long as possible. Also for an environmentally safe disposal and destruction of the used pads, we install Pad Incinerator machine, free of cost. A characteristic feature of Pad Incinerator machine is that it completely destroys the used pad in just a few minutes and converts 1 sanitary pad into 1 gram of ash and this ash can be used as fertilizer. Thus, used sanitary pads which are harmful to the environment are converted to being useful to the environment by this machine, providing a unique solution to this problem.

From doctors to lawyers and journalists to social workers, professionals from diverse fields are supporting this noble cause. STaMP NGO in turn hopes to use their skills in the most effective manner.

In perhaps the first-of-its kind initiative which works with underprivileged girls and women, STaMP NGO focuses specifically on the critical issue of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).


Management Team

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Ms. Vrisha Nilesh Vyas

Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • She has completed her IB Diploma from Singapore Internationa School, Mumbai and is currently enrolled in Co-Op program pursuing undergraduate degree in Materials Engineering at University of British Columbia, Vancouver - Canada.
  • She was a member of student led engineering design team named “Formula UBC Racing”, wherein they manufacture a fast road car and compete at international collegiate level. Previously she was a member of “UBC BAJA”, where she contributed to building off-road cars.
  • She is actively interested in sports and was a national level athlete at high school level. She was the Co-Sports Coordinator at the Materials Engineering Undergraduate Club of her University.
  • She was working as a “New Polymer Absorbents R&D Intern” at Svante Inc., Canada. This aligns with her passion to protect the environment as the company works in the field of carbon capture.
  • Her biggest hobby is music and she has been awarded Level 2 certificate in the graded examination in music performance Grade 5 - Plectrum Guitar, from Trinity College London. Working towards social causes, especially towards women oriented issues is her passion.

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Ms. Hinal Sanjay Jajal

Founder & PRO (Public Relations Officer)
  • She has completed her IB diploma from Singapore International School, Mumbai and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics with specialisation in Computing at University of California, Los Angeles - USA.
  • She is especially interested in the intersection of data science and social justice.
  • She also spends her time analyzing data, making interactive graphics, and writing articles for UCLA’s newspaper as a data journalist. In the past, she has been involved in mentoring and pedagogy as the Head Learning Assistant and Learning Assistant for math and programming classes. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and lifting weights.
  • She has interned at companies across a variety of industries including Swiss Re, AcuityMD and IGT. Currently she is working with Dr. Phil Chodrow at UCLA.
  • She thrives to take a stand for every woman’s right to have access to better menstrual hygiene products, more education, and a healthy period.

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Mr. Narendrakumar Vishvanath Vyas

Managing Trustee
  • He has 45+ years of experience in Accounts and is an expert in Accounting and Taxation.
  • He comes from a humble family background and has created an honourable image of himself in the Society out of sheer hard work.
  • His inclination towards social work has been constant throughout his life and he is currently actively associated with few charitable organisations.
  • He is a forward thinker and has wide experience in managing charitable organizations.
  • He is the grandfather of Ms. Vrisha Vyas, the Founder & CEO of this organisation and has chosen to support her by giving honorary service to this Organisation.

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Mrs. Rekha Dipak Thaker

  • She is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University.
  • She is director of “DID Consultants Pvt. Ltd.” and is also actively managing administration works of architectural firms "Interarch" and "DID consultants".
  • She is inclined to work towards social causes and helps in the administration of a few schools in Gujarat.
  • Being an avid traveller, she is aware of the global scenario and the position of Indian women in the society viz a viz the developed world.
  • She has a special concern for women health and environment and hence agreed to accept the role of Hon. Trustee in this organization.

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Mr. Haresh Shivabhai Patel

  • He is a young and dynamic post graduate in Arts with a degree of MA / B.P.Ed.
  • He is a successful businessman having business association with renowned cement and building materials companies.
  • He belongs to a reputed and well-known family of Patel community in Sabarkantha district, Gujarat.
  • Being born and brought up in small village of Gujarat, he is well aware of the social needs in Rural Areas.
  • He firmly believes in women empowerment and supports them for all relevant causes.

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Mr. Hemant Ramniklal Mehta

CIO (Chief Information Officer)
  • He has 25 years of experience managing IT and Information Security.
  • His experience includes working with many domestic and international customers and various certification includes ISO 27001, PCI DSS and SOC.
  • He was Awarded top 100 CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) by CISO platform, the world's first online community solely dedicated for information senior security executives, in 2012.
  • He is currently the Corporate VP - Enterprise IT at Mumbai-based multinational company World Network Services Global (WNS).
  • As a gesture of giving back to the society, he has agreed to provide his honorary services for this noble cause.

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Mrs. Sejal Dwarkesh Pandya

Program Manager
  • She has done Master's in Philosophy and is currently pursuing PhD from University of Mumbai.
  • She has been actively teaching classical yoga for better living since 2013.
  • She has presented research paper on Philosophical Counseling and written article on practical approach of Philosophy.
  • She has conducted various seminars and yoga workshops, especially for children.
  • She has special inclination for working towards the cause of child and women welfare.